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For your next event, Touch people in a way that they will never forget. not only with respect to the taste of the food, but the lifestyle that surrounds the experience. 

Sophie and her team will build a spit and fire in your venue of choice and design a meal around your event vision and the surroundings or a specific theme.  


No destination is too remote or too cosmopolitan.  Bahamian Junkanoo party on a private super-yacht in the caribbean, Done it. Bespoke Family gathering on a cattle station in the Australian outback, Done it. New year's eve party in the arabian peninsula Desert, doing it.  Beachside brunch in the Hamptons. Let's do it. 


Live fire cooking basics, providing audiences with the know-how to go home armed with fire cooking fundamentals and fire cooking techniques such as ash roasting, dutch oven cookery, cedar planking, and strung meat. 


Sophie collaborates with like-minded companies offering a variety of customizable marketing opportunities that fit your brands needs and objectives:

Host a curated reception or private event.Co-craft recipes or plan an corporate team building adventure.  

Promote your company and reach targeted audiences through specialized campaigns. 

Embrace story telling around the fire and or through the screen. The opportunities are are only limited by our imagination. 


Launching in 2022, Sophie will host small group bespoke culinary adventures in the most remote reaches of the world. Keen to join on an epic adventure? Stay tuned. 

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