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Sophie Hollingsworth is a highly regarded environmental thought leader and in demand keynote speaker. Sophie is renowned for her ability to bring big ideas to fruition, synthesize complexity and provide insight into emerging trends and challenges in the sustainability space. 

Sophie is on a mission to be a force multiplier, helping purpose driven companies, individuals, and organizations catalyze and leverage change to drive improved results and build a more sustainable world. 

Sophie is a regular to the corporate and creative communities across the USA, Australia, and Europe. She well and truly traverses an array of industries, having been engaged across the globe for organizations including the United Nations, Baker McKenzie, Proctor & Gamble, and Fjällräven. 


Sophie is a vibrant, compelling, and game changing exploration speaker igniting human potential. She speaks with a presence and passion that evokes motivation and inspiration in any crowd, whether she’s talking about using exploration to help build a more sustainable world, breaking glass ceilings or her own personal journeys. Supplemented with stunning photography and thrilling video, your audience will be swept up and brought along on adventures and misadventures across the globe.

While all topics are developed in conjunction with clients, Sophie's most popular presentation topics are:









Exploration: In Conflict with Modernity?​


"It was so inspiring and surprising to see many parallels between Sophie's adventures and my own corporate journey!"

Coca-Cola South Pacific

Sydney, Australia

"Sophie Hollingsworth carried us across the world with her descriptions and stories of the female chiefs of Vanuatu. She presented to several different WINGS audiences, and each time she thoughtfully tailored her talk to fit the audience, capture attention, and inspire curiosity. She always manages to present a masterful balance of self-assurance and humility."

WINGS WorldQuest

New York City, USA

"I wanted to say how marvelously Sophie did. It was quite honestly one of the best presentation's I've moderated. She was incredibly captivating and deftly handled some tricky questions. Well done! Sophie is welcome back quite literally any time - we'd love to do more with her."  

Exploring by the Seat of your Pants


"Sophie is a gifted presenter and everyone was spellbound with her stories. She awakened the explorer in older audience members and inspired the younger ones to see more of our world."

The Explorers Club

Florida Chapter

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“Sophie had a room of young professionals in the palm of her hand.  Her ability to speak with clarity and passion had us engaged and inspired from beginning to end.  The stories of her adventures not only got us all dreaming of far away places but she was able to convey them in such a way that we could apply the underlying messages to our own journeys.”

Baker & McKenzie

"As head of TEDxFulbright in Australia, I closely interacted with Sophie who was a speaker at our Sydney event last year. She is an engaging, smart and dynamic speaker, as well as a dependable and friendly team member. She speaks with passion and enthusiasm about her topic with an intelligent smile mixed with an almost casual tone that brings the audience not only to learn something new, but also to have fun in the process! Any organizer will be lucky to have Sophie as a speaker at their events."

Australian American Fulbright Association

Sydney, Australia

"Sophie was one of the selected speakers in the 2017 Royal Geographical Society Microlectures - an evening for relatively young or new speakers to deliver short talks to a mixed audience of specialists, geographers, travellers, and the interested public. Up against very tight time constraints (just ten minutes), Sophie shared wonderful stories of the cultures of Vanuatu, engaging the audience with a mix of ethnographic detail and beautiful images. Throughout, Sophie mixed fascinating observations with lots of humanity and humour, ensuring that the people in the story were more than just objects of study - they were real people, with characters and challenges to which all the audience could relate."

Royal Geographical Society (with IBG)

London, UK

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